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What are cookies and why are they used?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer's hard disk when you visit certain websites.


Cookies may be used for many different purposes. For example, cookies can be used to show that you have visited our website before and to identify which parts of the site you might be most interested in. Cookies can also improve your online experience by storing your preferences during your visit to our website.


Functional cookies

eldoLED uses a number of functional cookies: these cookies enable us to keep your data so we can improve your experience on our website. The functional cookies on the eldoLED website allow us to:

  1. Remember your data to prefill forms on our website for you
  2. Store settings for video display, such as buffer size and screen resolution details
  3. Read your browser settings to display our website optimally on your screen
  4. Locate misuse of our website, such as recording failed log-in attempts
  5. Load the website smoothly so that it remains accessible
  6. Enable you to use response forms on our website


Measuring cookies

To finetune our website to the needs and interests of our visitors, we use measuring cookies. These cookies allow us to see which pages cause problems for visitors, which are of interest, and so on. With this information we can develop an optimum website experience for you.


With Google Analytics we track how users use our website and the effectiveness of our Google AdWords campaigns.


Sharing cookies

The content of our website can be shared via social media share buttons. The cookies from these social media parties enable these buttons to function, and to recognise you when you share content. It is possible that these social media parties also collect your personal data for their own purposes. Unfortunately eldoLED cannot influence how these parties make use of your personal data.


For the privacy policy of these social media parties we redirect you to their privacy policies:


Privacy policy

We respect your privacy. Please refer to our privacy policy for more information.