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Quick Start Guide for LightShape system





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This Quick Start Guide (QSG) for LightShape describes which controllers and power supplies can be used, how the diferent components has to be wired with the driver and how the LightShape driver should be programmed.       







Tunable White

Tunable White
  • Intuitive colour temperature and intensity control (DALI)
  • Define intensity dimming curve for control operability
  • Set colour balance

    works with majority of tunable LED configurations




Components for a functional Light Shape system

Controllers and Power                    supplies for the DALI bus line.                                                        

Helvar – DALI Twin Slider (Part number 111)  or  (Two) Single Sliders (Part  number 110), One for mixing CCT & one for Intensity.


Helvar – DALI Power Supply Unit PSU (part number 402)


Lunatone DALI power supply.


Lunatone DALI touch panel Controller.


EldoLED LED Driver

eldoLED – DUALdrive 560/S with LightShape


Software EldoLED Fluxtool User and Profiles v1.2

DUALdrive with LightShape can be ordered pre-programmed with the required profile of Tunable White, or a new version of FluxTool Users & Profiles can be used by the customer.

The new version of the software is available at:


Not included in the package                       

Power cords



Wiring Diagram with Lunatone's DALI Components


Wiring Diagram with Helvar's DALI Components


Step - by - step assembly of a LightShape system

1. Program the driver with two CCT's. (See next page for Step-by-step programming)                                                 

Program the LED output currents of the DUALdrive with TOOLbox pro and FluxTool Users & Profile v1.1.

  • Leave dimming curve at logarithmic

2. Connect

Make all connections as described in the Wiring Diagram.

  • Make sure the Warm color LEDs are connected to the right driver output, and the Cool color LEDs are connected to output 2. 

3. Power

Power up the system 


DALI Commissioning                   

Not required. Both DALI controller and LED driver are pre-configured in DALI 0 and 1



Control the Tunable White LED load with the DALI twin sliders


Programming the LS driver with the eldoLED Fluxtool software

  1. Open the fluxtool software by double clicking the icon.
  2. Click on the Engineering tab and enter password "eldoneer".
  3. Create a profile: Name it, set your settings and save it. Make sure check mark the Lightshape active box.
  4. Select the Supervisors tab. Type in password "visorneer". Select profile "Name".
  5. Select the operator tab and click on "Write profile".





DALI Control Interface

Slider 1


     DALI Group 0

     Handle: Intensity





Slider 2


     DALI Group 1

     Handle: CCT






Download QSG for LightShape system

 Download the PDF file [size: 139 KB].



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