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Communicating / Sharing

Wireless lighting control


The Bluetooth radios connect to your eldoLED driver via the two-wire digital LEDcode2 connection and create a flood network. The flood network allows wireless control via a lighting control app on your mobile device.


Casambi-ready radios for flood networks, and Atrius-ready radios for IoT applications.


Wireless control of your lighting network without compromising the Natural Dimming features of the eldoLED driver:

  • Dim to Dark
  • Smooth dimming
  • IEEE P1789 compliant flicker
  • Dimming curve selection
  • Configurable minimum setpoint, and
  • Dynamic behaviour.


Indoor positioning

VLC-enabled eldoLED drivers, such as ECOdrive 568/M, can broadcast a unique luminaire ID, which is decoded by smartphones, offering indoor positioning. The smartphone calculates the user's position with a 10cm accuracy.


Connecting a ByteLight BLE module over LEDcode enables BLE beacon functionality (BLE: Bluetooth Low Energy). In hybrid VLC/BLE mode this maximizes the effectiveness of Acuity/eldoLED's precise indoor positioning system.