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Natural Dimming

Smooth, all the way to dark and flicker-free *

Today's world is a digital world, and there's no escaping digitalization in the world of lighting either - enter LED lighting. During the largest part of our evolution, it has been nature who provided humanity with the light we needed, and it must be said that it is still the sun that provides the most beautiful light. The biggest challenge LED lighting is faced with is the imitation of nature's beautiful changes in brightness levels: Natural Dimming.


 In order to come close to what we as human beings perceive as Natural Dimming, high-quality LED lighting should:

  • be able to dim to dark
  • have no flicker* even when increasing or decreasing brightness
  • allow smooth changes in brightness
  • feature adaptable dimming curves
  • allow you to set a minimum dimming level
  • feature dynamic behaviour


*All eldoLED constant current LED drivers follow the recommended practice brought forward by the IEEE Standard P1789 to mitigate flicker-induced health risks to viewers.



Natural Dimming | Dim to dark

Spaces where dimming makes all the difference require an LED driver at the heart of your lighting application that allows Natural Dimming.

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Natural Dimming | No flicker*

Flicker, who cares? If you're specifying LED lighting, yóu should! Both visible and non-visible flicker can be the cause of an entire array of performance and health effects.
*That is why all our constant current drivers meet the IEEE P1789 recommendations.

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Natural Dimming | Smooth dimming

To address dimming smoothness, we must understand the digital nature of an LED and LED driver. When shifting from one light level to another, the output must step, and that step size is critical to the visual experience.

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