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Dynamic white made easy

We developed LightShape to take the complexity out of dynamic white lighting and enabling the creation of dynamic white lighting with standard controls, standard drivers and standard LED modules.


LightShape lets you set up a smart relationship between control input and LED outputs, enabling lighting applications as Dim to Warm and Tunable White. You are free to use standard controls like, DALI and 0-10V. LightShape adapts your LED driver to your LED module. Create dynamic white using standard controls and your selection of LEDs.



LightShape applications can reproduce and design the many dynamic colours daylight has to offer. Tunable White is available on DUALdrive, and SOLOdrive enables Dim to Warm.


Tunable White

With Tunable White you are able to specify and reproduce nature's colours and transitions. Allowing you to recreate any time of the day the colour and quality of light that fits your mood and space. 



  • Available on DUALdrive LED drivers
  • Intuitive colour temperature (CCT) and intensity control
  • Define intensity dimming curve for control operability
  • Set colour balance: works with majority of tunable white LED configurations 


Dim to Warm

Produce the warm and comfortable light of incandescent. Dim to Warm turns white LED sources into warm colours as they are dimmed, creating a comfortable ambience.



  • Available on SOLOdrive LED drivers
  • Works with a single control input (0-10V, DALI)
  • Offers a linear dimming curve for white LEDs



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More information on LightShape can be found in our flyer:


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