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FluxTool is intended for production environments where eldoLED LED drivers are programmed in configuration jigs, yet can also be used to program a single LED driver with just the TOOLbox pro.


The application allows you to create and edit profiles and to write these to connected LED drivers. A profile is a set of parameters with predefined settings for a specific LED driver type, created for the purpose of quickly and efficiently configuring LED drivers.


For more information on compatibility of your LED driver with the various FluxTool and TOOLbox pro versions, see the compatibility sheet in the Download section. Currently supported FluxTool versions are v3.2.6 and v2.0.93 for the PCB drivers, both downloadable from this page. 


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  • Setting parameters such as precise drive current, dimming curve and LightShape settings
  • Creating and encrypting programming profiles that are saved in a central repository
  • Powered and non-powered programming of drivers
  • Logging of driver details in a flat file
  • Barcode reader support



  • Flexibility: common software platform across user types, adaptable to wide range of work flows
  • Ease of use: LEDcode low-voltage programming
  • Efficiency: rapid production throughput and simplified supply chain saves cost
  • Accuracy: data logging for traceability


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