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SOLOdrive 30B-M1Z0A

SOLOdrive 30B-M1Z0A delivers 30W and is 0-10V compatible. The connectors are located at the bottom for easy installation in fixtures. As all SOLOdrives, the 30B-M1Z0A smoothly dims all the way down to dark.


This product is suitable for the North American market only.



  • Hybrid HydraDrive: provides the smoothest flicker-free high-performance dimming to dark for every fixture
  • LEDcode: configurable design to work with most constant current LED modules and arrays, while providing a connection point to integrated peripheral controls
  • NTC interface for robust thermal management



  • Industry-best dimming performance for your fixture/application



  • IEC/EN 60929 annex E NOTE: From 0.6V to 10V eldoLED LED drivers comply with IEC/EN 60929 annex E. Below 0.6V eldoLED LED drivers comply with ABL 010V Design Spec v1.2 enabling standby mode. For detailed dimming characteristics see 0-10V response chart in Control Characteristics.
  • UL listed (E333135), according to UL1310 and UL8750. US/Canada: Class 2 output. Class P LED driver.


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