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Visible Light Communication

Powered by eldoLED driver intelligence, Visible Light Communication (VLC) technology gives retailers the opportunity to capitalize on the increasing number of consumers that use their smartphones for retailers' native apps or websites during shopping trips. Using Lumicast™ technology from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, eldoLED intelligent LED lighting technology will allow retailers to engage with customers on mobile devices based on their location in the store. On the consumer side, the shopping experience is highly enhanced through their mobile devices.


What is needed?

  1. LED light fixtures featuring eldoLED LED drivers with Lumicast™
  2. The plan or map of the store's light fixture locations
  3. Planogram information provided and maintained by the retailer
  4. A loyalty app from the retailer with LumicastTM decoding capability


Using VLC, the eldoLED driven LEDs in every ambient light fixture broadcast a unique ID, which is decoded by the consumer's smartphone camera. These ambient light fixtures are of the standard types and spacings used in large retailer installations, and will provide this beacon function via ambient illumination as soon as they are powered, without requiring any additional wireless or network connections. The phone's Lumicast™ technology decodes the ambient light beacons and determines the mobile user's location and height to within a 10 centimeter accuracy, as well as the orientation that the consumer is facing. With their location and orientation known, the retailer's loyalty app can guide them to products they desire, provide context appropriate offers or supply additional information relevant to their buying decision.

The data collected about the consumer's in-store whereabouts and route is valuable information that can be used to benefit the retailer. The retailer can mine and analyze the data to produce shopper navigation heat maps, purchasing preferences, in-store browsing history, as well as allow the opportunity to readily connect store personnel with the consumer, thus improving workforce efficiency and facilitating consumer purchases.


Symbiosis on eldoLED drivers goes beyond seamless cooperation between LED driver and LED modules, sensors, networks and other intelligent luminaire elements: with technologies like Visible Light Communication it allows intelligent, dynamic lighting to birth whole new application areas. VLC is now available on standard eldoLED drivers.





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