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POWERdrive 50U-M4Z0X

POWERdrive 50U-M4Z0X

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Deep dimming 


Smooth controlled fades


Quick dynamic response


Precise color control


By using the new POWERdrive product you will experience the easiest way of integration of a DMX LED driver into your RGBW LED luminaire. If you're designing your next generation RGBW wall washer or downlight, and don't have any electronics experience or knowledge in the company, the POWERdrive product will be the solution. It's ready to go with industry standard push-in connectors for installation, global certification programs supported on safety and performance, and supporting a wide operating window for the LED selection of your choice.








  • Quality of Light performance in any DMX application
  • Optical isolation in the DMX interface improves the robustness against incorrect wiring and mishandling. The isolation also improves the immunity of the driver, and the connected DMX network, against surge events during, i.e. lightning strikes
  • Short lead times; with delivery in just days
  • Start-up time meets CA Title 24 requirements; A startup time of < 500ms



  • 120 - 277 VAC input voltage 
  • Constant current LED output 
  • 4 channel DMX driver 
  • Isolated DMX interface
  • 150 - 1400mA programmable LED outputs
  • Dimensions: 444 (L) x 30 (W) x 21 (H) mm 




  • Europe: CE & ENEC-05
  • North America: UL Listed, Class P 
  • Australia & New Zealand: RCM




Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lead-time for a POWERdrive 50W LED driver?

Legacy POWERdrive 50W LED drivers are produced for eldoLED by a contract manufacturer in China, resulting in significant lead times, up to several weeks; the redesigned POWERdrive 50W LED drivers are produced in eldoLED's manufacturing facility in Mexico and will be stocked in eldoLED's distribution centers in Georgia and Eindhoven, allowing us to offer standard lead times for this product.

Does a redesigned POWERdrive 50W LED driver meet the startup requirements as specified in California Title 24/JA8?

Yes, the redesigned POWERdrive 50W LED drivers are designed to meet the startup time requirements as specified in California Title 24/JA8 out of the box, i.e. there is no need to order a "special" configuration. However, this does require the test setup to meet certain conditions. See the Design Guide for more details.

What happens when the DMX signal is lost?

The redesigned POWERdrive 50W LED drivers can be configured in FluxTool to handle loss off the DMX signal during startup (i.e. when the driver is first powered in the absence of a DMX signal) and during normal operation. For more details, see the product datasheet and the Design Guide.

Can I combine LED outputs to achieve a higher output current?

No, eldoLED's flicker-free, deep dimming method does not allow cross-connection of the LED outputs. Cross-connection of the outputs may cause damage to the driver. Each LED output must have separate (+) and (-) connections. Acceptable light engine configurations are documented in the Design Guide.

Can I use a subset of the available LED outputs?

Yes, LED outputs that aren't connected to any LED load can be effectively turned off with the Group Scaling parameters in FluxTool. Best practice is to set the Group Scaling value of any unused LED outputs to 0. Also, the number of DMX addresses that are "exposed" when the driver is discovered during the commissioning process can be set in FluxTool via the DMX network settings section. See the Design Guide for more details.

How many POWERdrive 50W LED drivers can I have on a DMX run?

A POWERdrive 50W LED driver represents a single "unit load" on the DMX line. The DMX standard allows up to 32 unit loads per DMX run. A repeater/signal booster is necessary if additional devices are required on the same DMX run. Another common installation method is to use an optical splitter to break a large DMX run into smaller runs.

Can I change the dimming curve over RDM?

Yes, the dimming curve can be selected via RDM to linear, logarithmic, square, or soft-linear.

Do the redesigned POWERdrive 50W LED drivers support the standalone show functionality that is available in legacy POWERdrive 50W drivers?

No, the redesigned POWERdrive 50W LED drivers do not support the Show functionality that is available in legacy POWERdrive 50W LED drivers. This feature was intended for standalone installations and was used very rarely in architectural lighting applications. The trend today is for network-connectivity which provides additional features and flexibility.

Do the redesigned POWERdrive 50W LED drivers work with other LEDcode peripherals (e.g. BLE Casambi radio)?

The hardware of the redesigned POWERdrive 50W LED drivers is future-proof, i.e. it is ready for connectivity with select LEDcode peripherals (e.g. BLE Casambi radio) and programming via LEDcode without mains power. This functionality is not yet fully implemented in the first release of this product but will be enabled through a subsequent firmware update. A separate PCN will be issued once this functionality is supported in the redesigned POWERdrive 50W LED drivers.

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