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ECOdrive 568/M

eldoLED has implemented Visible Light Communication (VLC) in the ECOdrive 568/M to broadcast a unique luminaire identifier. This VLC implementation results in an extremely accurate indoor navigation aimed at improving shoppers' experiences in the retail environment. For more information about Acuity's ByteLight Services for indoor positioning, click here.


The ECOdrive 568/M delivers 50W and features flying leads for ease of installation. Available in the US only.



  • Visible Light Communication
  • LEDcode technology: configurable design to work with most constant current LED modules and arrays, while providing a connection point to integrated peripheral controls



  • Increase performance and capability of any LED fixture
  • Reduce inventory and decrease lead times with configurable drivers
  • Short lead times, designed to meet the most aggressive timelines
  • Trusted brand with proven track record of performance and reliability



  • UL: Recognized Component (E333135), according to UL1310 and UL8750. US: Class 2 output. Canada: Non-Class 2 output.


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