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SOLOdrive 32P-D1Z0D

SOLOdrive 32/P – 32W 0.1% DALI for 48V track

LED technology enables further miniaturization of track lighting. To meet the ever-tighter form factor constraints, these tracks rely on small LED drivers that are powered by a remote 48V DC power supply.


eldoLED developed a range of products that are mechanically designed to have a seamless integration into the track adapters of the Stucchi MULTISYSTEM and MULTISYSTEM EVO track systems. This LED driver delivers on the Quality of Light functionality that is required for specification-grade luminaires. eldoLED delivers on the promise of LED lighting in this application, by deep dimming to 0.1%, meeting IEEE P1789 recommendation on flicker, and controls interoperable by being DALI-2 certified.




  • Solving the dimming performance issues in track lighting installations by dimming smoothly all the way to 0.1%
  • Compatible with a wide variety of COB and LED configurations
  • Mechanically designed for the Stucchi MULTISYSTEM / MULTISYSTEM EVO track system adapters
  • Optimized design of no need for wires for power and control
  • Fast pre-assemble capabilities – programming based on project/product requirements



  • Input voltage of 48Vdc
  • Wide output voltage range from 9 to 40V
  • Programmable output current from 150 to 1050mA
  • Open PCB product
  • Designed for the Stucchi MULTISYSTEM / MULTISYSTEM EVO track luminaire adapter
  • Blades for direct connection into adapter
  • Dimensions: 136.4 (L) x 14.5 (W) x 12.0 (H) mm





  • Europe: CE & ENEC-05
  • North America: UL Recognized
  • Controls: DALI-2 Device Type 6




Frequently Asked Questions

Does eldoLED recommend any 48V power supply as head-unit for the track?

The design guide of this product is listing some recommended and tested 48V PSU's. Read the Design Guide for more information.

Can I change the dimming curve over DALI?

Yes, you can program the dimming curve over DALI using a 3rd party DALI control device.

Which Stucchi adapters are supported with this driver?

The Stucchi MULTISYSTEM Single Spot Adapter series #9519-166

Will eldoLED be able to supply me with the driver mounted inside the Stucchi adapter already?

No, this won't allow you to complete the wiring of the LED driver to the LED load, since the connections are inside the adapter.

Is there a way to control these drivers by Casambi?

Yes, but only as broadcast lighting control of the complete track by connecting a Casambi ASD control unit to the DALI lines of the Stucchi track system.

Would I be able to use this driver in a different use case than Stucchi MULTISYSTEM?

No, this LED driver is mechanically designed to be used within the Stucchi MULTISYSTEM.

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