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TOOLbox pro

The TOOLbox pro is an easy-to-use, powerful configuration device for your eldoLED LED driver. Depending on the LED driver you need to configure, you will use either the FluxTool software or the ShowMaster DMX software. Both software programs are freely download able on the product pages under "Downloads".


With the FluxTool software, you can:

  • program the driver via its LEDcode interface (e.g. precise current settings and dimming curve)
  • set DMX parameters
  • test DALI functionality


The ShowMaster DMX software lets you:

  • use ShowMaster to create show sequences, manage show libraries and upload shows to the driver for standalone mode
  • set DMX parameters (no LED output current settings)



  • advanced configuration parameters
  • LED indicators for LEDcode, DMX and DALI activity
  • Ethernet and USB cable included



  • in-field programming of drivers
  • future proofing of installations



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