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LEDcode Dimmer

The LEDcode Dimmer is a powerful peripheral to locally set a luminaire's maximum light output, independent of the global lighting control - A valuable feature for applications where overall lighting scenes need flexibility, e.g. in art galleries with changing collections.


Any luminaire whose light output you have changed with the LEDcode dimmer will still react to the global lighting control input: the light output will in this case be changed proportionally.







  • Locally set maximum light output
  • Reverse polarity protection on LEDcode terminals
  • Adjustment of master dim level does not influence LED driver current setting and/or 0-10V/DALI settings
  • No visible steps in light output during adjustment of master dim level; stable light output after master dim level has been set



  • Luminaires whose maximum light output has been set with the LEDcode dimmer, can be dimmed below their driver's minimum dimming level
  • The LEDcode dimmer's potentiometer and NTC functionality can be operated at the same time



  • CE


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