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Atrius-ready radio, integrated antenna

Wireless light level control, Bluetooth low energy (BLE) beaconing and visible light communication (VLC) from one digitally integrated BLE radio and LED driver package!


The Atrius-ready LEDcode BLE radio's LEDcode2 connection allows for easy, two-wire digital integration with eldoLED drivers in a luminaire system. The combination of LED driver and radio enable wirless light level control and mobile device location data streams for iOS and Android mobile devices running the Atrius Mobile SDK.


Atrius Mobile SDK and the Atrius tooling suite support industry-leading indoor positioning, light level control, efficient commissioning and over-the-air radio firmware updates.





  • Wireless control and IoT: BLE beaconing, VLC positioning, light level control, digital integration of radio and LED driver
  • Network stack: Atrius
  • Firmware stack: radio hardware is capable of running the Atrius stack, including support for OTA firmware updates
  • IoT and sensing: radio hardware is capable of running beaconing firmware and setting all relevant LED driver parameters for Atrius VLC 1.5



  • Suited for in-luminaire installation
  • Easy two-wire digital integration with eldoLED drivers supporting LEDcode2
  • Integrated antenna offering robust Bluetooth signal
  • Radio powered via LED driver's LEDcode2 connection



  • CE
  • SIG
  • RED, EN 300 328 v2.1.1
  • IEC 62368-1


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