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DALI-to-DMX bridge

The eldoLED DALI-to-DMX bridge translates DALI ballast values into DMX signals. Special features like the configuration of network resolution on DMX side and daisy-chaining and auto-addressing of luminaires make the eldoLED DALI-to-DMX bridge the perfect choice for extending existing DALI installations with a DMX universe.



  • Conversion of 32 DALI ballasts into DMX512-compatible signals
  • Broadcast and replication mode
  • Operating supply voltage range: 12V - 32V DC
  • DMX network resolution configurable by way of DIP switch




  • Enables hybrid DALI-DMX network
  • Allows daisy-chaining / auto-addressing of luminaires
  • Smooth transition between set points
  • Easy setup and connection of power, DALI and DMX


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