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Analog-to-DMX Bridge 5

The analog-to-DMX bridge translates analog dimmer signals into DMX compatible control signals. The Analog-to-DMX bridge 5 allows you to pass on the converted signal to five DMX universe.


The output of the dimmers that are available on the market today varies. eldoLED's analog-to-DMX bridges have solved this problem: they let you calibrate dimming values, offering you maximum flexibility and the possibility of optimum system integration.


The Analog-to-DMX bridge 5 supports a 0-10V signal. Typically, this type of signal is generated by building automation systems or light controllers and can be used to set the output of all connected LEDs.



  • Plug-and-play solution for LED dimming in existing applications
  • Screw terminals allow easy connection of leads
  • 12-32V DC operating supply voltage range
  • 0-10V interface



  • Conversion of DC dimmer into USITT DMX512 signals
  • Accurate dimming solution
  • Easy network setup
  • Simplifies total system solution


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