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DimWheel Colour EU

The DimWheel Colour EU is a powerful one-button DMX controller that lets you set dim level, colour and show for LED drivers and DMX compatible luminaires. It is easy-to-install and meets EU and UK wall box size requirements. Also, it is compatible with most dimmer face plates available on the market.



  • One-button solution
  • DIP switches for configuration, accessible after mounting
  • External switch interface for remote show selection
  • Front indicator LED for local show (speed), colour and dim level feedback
  • Faceplate compatibility: EU universal faceplates (Gira, Busch-Jaeger, Berker, Jung) and UK BS4662 compatible faceplates



  • Complete functionality solution offering LED show sequences, colour, dimming, and on/off control
  • Can be mounted/used like standard household dimmer
  • Integrated back box and mounting plate simplify total system setup and installation



  • CE


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