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Lighting artwork "SolarWind", France

LED lighting applications

Concrete silos spectacularly illuminated

SolarWind is a monumental lighting artwork illuminating two of Calcias' concrete silos, which are located at the border of the cities Paris and Ivry. This lighting artwork was designed by Laurent Grasso and can be seen by more than one million French motorists daily. The artwork was inaugurated on January 25th and it will stay in function for more than 10 years.


Photography by Romain Darnaud


Lighting artwork inspired by space meteorology

The artwork SolarWind is based on recreating space meteorology. To create this as closely as possible data is collected by the CNES Space Observatory laboratories. The data is automatically processed into an algorithm to recreate unique animations on the silos every day. A Wi-Fi DMX interface translates the data for the fixtures, so they project it onto the silos.


Technological challenge: illuminating silos with a height of 30 meters

SolarWind represents a true technological challenge: illuminating two concrete silos with a diameter of 20 meters and a height of 30 meters.


Photography by Romain Darnaud

Thanks to 41 custom made and waterproof LED lighting fixtures (size: 1.20m x 0.8m x 0.35m) the two silos are illuminated. Each silo is illuminated by 20 separate fixtures, which are individually controlled in power and colour (RGB). 


SolarWind in action 


Laurent Grasso 2016 @ADAGP

SEMAPA Paris Rive Gauche / Ciments Calcia

Prod. Eva Albarran& Co, VIB Architecture Partenariat CNES


Project details

Contracting authority and owner:

SolarWind was made possible thanks to: artists, architects, researchers and engineers
Luminaire maker: MagnaLucis

Technical support by:

eldoLED LED driver(s): POWERdrive 45D



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