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Museum Voorlinden

Award-winning design enables seamless transition from reflected daylight to LED

Museum Voorlinden is home to the largest private contemporary art collection in the Netherlands. The museum's design has been kept as open and spacious as possible, and all installation components have been integrated invisibly to support this.


Kraaijvanger Architects' design for Museum Voorlinden uses reflected daylight, which is filtered and combined with LED lighting when necessary. This results in a seamless transition between natural and artificial lighting. By dynamically adapting the LEDs' intensity to the level of daylight, the lighting in the museum becomes as consistent and as natural as possible.



Museum Voorlinden was awarded the Dutch Daylight Award 2018. According to the jury, the way in which daylight is brought is innovative as well as attractive. Museums rarely introduce daylight in areas where artworks are exhibited, largely to avoid the damaging effects of the sun. Visitors are provided with the sensation of daylight, but it is also reduced to an acceptable level. Above the glass roof, visible from inside the museum, a second roof has been built, with perforations that allow natural light to pass into the museum in a controlled manner.


In the evening, lights mounted outside shine upward onto the perforated exterior roof which reflects light back down through the glass into space, ensuring light stays diffuse and consistent around the clock.


The roof contains 2800 60W watertight LED points, along with 2000 LED drivers. Lighting from the LEDs, which can be dimmed from 0 to 100%, had to be completely uniform and flicker-free at every intensity. That placed specific demands on the LED driver. The choice was made to use eldoLED's 100W SOLOdrive LED drivers.




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Excursion to the museum (video impression) 

During the PLDC 2019 conference eldoLED hosted an excursion to the museum for a group of lighting designers. 

The program included a guided museum tour and Siegrid Siderius shared with the guests further insights on the Voorlinden project.







Project details


Installation Museum Voorlinden
Location Wassenaar, the Netherlands
eldoLED product SOLOdrive 100W
Dimming Fully dimmable (0.1%)
Luminaire provider Proliad LED Lighting
Lighting designer Siegrid Siderius
Architect Kraaijvanger Architects