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Bibliothèque Municipal de Lyon, France

LED lighting applications

Lighting evokes the edges of a book on a shelf

During the 2014 Fête des Lumieres - Festival of Lights - the new lighting design for the municipal library of Lyon was revealed. For the permanent lighting of the Book Silo at the Part-Dieu Library, the north and south building facades evoke the edges of a book on a shelf, while the spiral stairway will shine with a warm light in reference to the gilding on ancient books.


The eldoLED PowerPIX 1 are used to light the east facade, symbolizing the emergence of digital communication and the exchange of knowledge at international level. The horizontal lines of cool white lighting points emerge from both sides of the facade in different lengths, fading toward the center in a decrescendo of luminous intensity.


East facade of municipal library of Lyon - Photography by Michel Djaoui


Background Fête des Lumieres

Fête des Lumieres was first held in Lyon in 1852 to coincide with the inauguration of the statue of the Virgin Mary which was erected at the top of the Fourviere hill. The people of Lyon would spontaneously light up the city's facades by placing little candles on their window ledges before descending onto the streets. This evolved into a tradition which over the last ten years has mutated into an outstanding urban lighting event.


1st price Concours Lumières 2016

Each year the Concours Lumières is organized by the Syndicat des entreprises de génie électrique et climatique (SERCE). In 2016 the 1st price of the Concours Lumières was awarded to the light installation of the municipal library in Lyon.


The jury praised the "right balance between building and content (meaning books)." "The main façade of the building, shows bright horizontal lines that evoke the cover of a digitized book. While on the side elevations, vertical bright lines symbolize books stored on a shelf. The emergency staircase, illuminated in yellow, recalls the gilding of old books present inside the library. "A remarkable idea, appreciated the jury. Ordinarily, a fire escape is not the most interesting architectural part. But here one can imagine that this is a giant book out of the shelf."


Source: Le Moniteur


Project details

Contracting authority and owner:

City of Lyon, France
Lighting designer Guillaume Jeol, Atelier Roland Jeol


eldoLED LED driver(s): PowerPix



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