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Fête des Lumieres 2014: Laniakea installation

LED lighting applications

The 2014 Festival of Lights in Lyon featured a magnificent lighting design with eldoLED PowerPIX 3 symbolizing the Laniakea Supercluster. This galaxy supercluster is home to the Milky Way, the Solar System and the Earth, and was defined in September 2014, when a group of astronomers published a new way of defining superclusters according to the relative velocities of galaxies.

The lighting installation by artists Simon Milleret-Godet and Jérôme Donna lets you dive into the depths of a cosmic experience and confront light particles that scintillate by the thousands in the dark. A hypnotic ballet of clouds, clusters of lighted dots and stars that, just like a galaxy, shape themselves into constellations and then disintegrate.


The 965 DMX controlled PowerPIX 3 with RGBW LEDs allowed for a mesmerizing show that mimicked the different colours and intensities of the stars that were projected onto the building behind the installation. Production was done by the City of Lyon Public Lighting Department, and the installation has been nominated for the 2014 Trophée des Lumières. 






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