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Hotel W Barcelona, Spain

LED lighting applications

Renewed look at hotel W Barcelona

The shape from the iconic hotel W Barcelona in Barcelona has renewed it looks with a powerful changing colour perimeter. Since it's opening, in 2009, the hotel became a symbol of the city skyline with its characteristic form of a sail on the Mediterranean.


More than 85,000 LEDs illuminate the perimeter

To light up the perimeter a total of 850 meters of SmartLedFlex® RGB (85,000 LEDs) are used. They provide a high performance homogenous light all around the building and are powered by eldoLED's LED drivers.


gifs website As of today, it is possible to illuminate the silhouette of the perimeter in different colours and lighting scenes. A large project with an important component of innovation since the installation can be controlled independently by timers, manually or scheduled events (including through a smartphone or tablet thanks to a radial fiber optic network).


Project details

Contracting authority and owner:

Hotel W Barcelona, Spein
Luminaire maker: Grupo MCI

OEM / System integrator:

Grupo MCI
eldoLED LED driver(s): LINEARdrive 720D



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