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Forum Groningen

Over 1000 Tunable White luminaires deliver uniform, quality light across 10 floors

Forum Groningen is a new, 10-story multifunctional meeting point in the center of the Dutch city of Groningen.

Also, it is one of the largest public buildings with over 1000 Tunable White luminaires throughout the entire space that can be dimmed to 0.1% and provide continuous dynamic adjustment of the light from 2500K to 4000K throughout the day.



Using eldoLED drivers supporting the new DALI Device Type (DT) 8 standard and with integrated LightShape technology, eldoLED's DUALdrive drivers ensure that flicker-free, smooth and consistent dimming to 0.1% is achieved by each  of the 1200 luminaires.

The LightShape technology manages the color and intensity so precisely from luminaire to luminaire that any two or more of the thousand plus luminaires could be positioned side-by-side without any observable difference across the color and intensity range.





Project details

Installation Forum Groningen
Location Groningen, the Netherlands
eldoLED product

50W DUALdrive DALI DT8 LED driver with LightShape for Tunable White

Dimming Fully dimmable (0.1%)
Luminaire provider  



NL Architects