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Welcome to eldoLED at L+B 2018

Experience the power of digital lighting technology. Booth E81, Hall 4.0

Light + Building: dates and location

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We shape your light

The future of smart lighting - today

eldoLED’s technologies control all aspects of lighting, including luminance, colour temperature, spectral composition, data transmission (via visible light communication, or VLC) and interaction with other systems. Whichever way you look at it, eldoLED are the experts at shaping your light.

This year at Light + Building, eldoLED is demonstrating the full range of what our products can do. For a taste of what we’re exhibiting, click one of the numbered circles below:

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Natural dimming

Smooth and flicker-free, all the way to dark


The biggest opportunity – and the biggest challenge – facing digital lighting today is to mimic the changes in brightness and colour that give natural light its unique character.


With Dim to Dark, Dim to 1%, Warm Dimming and Tunable White, eldoLED's drivers offer unsurpassed quality of light, with natural dimming and colour transitions.


Find out more...

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Dynamic white lighting made easy


eldoLED drivers with LightShape solve the complexity of commissioning and controlling dynamic white lighting systems.

For luminaire designers, LightShape makes it easy to define the right range of colour temperatures for a particular design, while ensuring consistency between luminaires.

And of course, LightShape is interoperable with industry-standard lighting control protocols such as DALI-2. LightShape is dynamic white lighting made easy!

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Beyond colour

Fine-tuned colours and super-smooth fades


Fast, slow, static, dynamic, and every colour on the spectrum - whatever your lighting application is, we can handle it. Whether you require tunable dynamic response for exceptionally slow fades in architecture, or fast-paced video transitions for entertainment applications, you've come to the right place.

Come and see our amazing ceiling at Light + Building, where 60 Rubik luminaires combine DMX/RDM colour control with DALI digital lighting control and indoor positioning via visible light communication (VLC) and Bluetooth beaconing (BLE).

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Wireless lighting control

No cables? No problem.


eldoLED's wireless lighting solutions give you the latest lighting control technology, combined with eldoLED quality of light.

Robust wireless networking, easy two-wire digital integration through LEDcode, and compatibility with the complete eldoLED driver portfolio, empower you to unlock the power of the IoT.

Our Atrius™-ready and Casambi-ready drivers harness cutting-edge network architecture and app-based interfaces, bringing ease of commissioning and unbeatable user experience.

This is lighting control with no wires, and no compromise on natural dimming.

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Production configuration and tooling

Production line programming at your fingertips


eldoLED tooling empowers OEMs to up their production game. Our configuration software and hardware increase throughput, lower production costs and simplify supply chains. Visit us at Light + Building to see for yourself the ease of use, flexibility and accuracy of eldoLED tooling.

Find out more about factory tooling for OEMs here

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Atrius™ IoT Solutions

Create brilliant experiences


Atrius™ unlocks the power of IoT. Make your buildings smart by connecting sensors and devices into a digital, location-aware sensory network. Atrius™ IoT solutions drive business improvement, allowing the development of brand new applications and analytics that optimise operations and enhance customer experiences. To see for yourself, visit eldoLED's booth at Light + Building: E81 in Hall 4.0

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