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Upgrade single channel 50W/L LED driver family

ECOdrive and SOLOdrive

Change Description

eldoLED is releasing an upgrade to its single channel 50W/L LED driver family. This upgrade includes:


  1. A selectable auxiliary output (AUX) that can deliver a current up to 100mA between 4V and 24V to support a wider range of auxiliary devices (e.g. radios, sensors).
  2. Addition of a LEDcode-only configuration without AUX for applications that do not need an AUX and/or integrate with LEDcode-only peripherals (e.g. BT radio).
  3. A set of single channel 50W/L driver configurations with UL Class P listing.
In the remainder of this notification, the current generation of single channel 50W/L drivers will be referred to as "legacy" drivers; the new generation of single channel 50W/L drivers that are part of this NPI will be referred to as "enhanced" drivers.

In support of this change notification, eldoLED released an update to its FluxTool programming software. FluxTool version 3.2.6. is available through eldoLED always recommends using the latest version of FluxTool to have access to all features and ensure optimal interoperability between LED drivers and programming software.


Impact to customers

Enhanced drivers are identical to legacy drivers in terms of overall form factor, operating window, programmability and their dimming, startup, and flicker performance. The differences between legacy and enhanced drivers are listed below:


  1. The AUX operating window has been increased from 15.5V – 25V (18mA maximum) in legacy drivers to 4V – 24V (100mA maximum) in enhanced drivers to support a wider range of auxiliary devices (e.g. radios, sensors) and higher overall AUX power levels.
  2. The AUX voltage in enhanced drivers is actively regulated and the voltage setpoint is selectable in FluxTool in 1V increments between 4V and 16V and 2V increments between 16V and 24V. By default, the AUX voltage in enhanced drivers is set to 16V, i.e. at the low end of the voltage range that is currently supported by legacy drivers.
  3. The AUX in legacy drivers is always on. The AUX in enhanced drivers can be set to remain either on or off whenever the driver goes into standby mode. The default is off during standby. However, customers can change this in FluxTool. Alternatively, enhanced drivers can be ordered from the factory to remain on during standby through a special ordering option per the product datasheet.
  4. Enhanced drivers are only available with the necessary certification for use in North America, i.e. UL Recognition (Type TL) or Class P listing. The enhanced drivers do not carry ENEC/EL certification.


 Table 1: Overview of the enhanced 50W/L driver configurations.

 UL Certification  Family  Control  M.P. Aux   Product Name  New P/N

 UL Recognition
    (Type TL)


 DALI-2  yes  ECOdrive 565/L  EC0565L4
 0-10V  yes  ECOdrive 566/L  EC0566L4
 LEDcode  -  ECOdrive 567/L  EC0567L4
 yes  ECOdrive 568/L  EC0568L4
 SOLOdrive  DALI-2  yes  SOLOdrive 565/L  SL0565L4
 0-10V  yes  SOLOdrive 566/L  SL0566L4
 LEDcode  -  SOLOdrive 567/L  SL0567L4
 yes  SOLOdrive 568/L  SL0568L4
 UL Class P Listing  ECOdrive  DALI-2  yes  ECOdrive 50L-M1M0D  EC50L-M1M0D1
 0-10V  yes  ECOdrive 50L-M1M0A  EC50L-M1M0A1
 LEDcode  -  ECOdrive 50L-M1Z0Z  EC50L-M1Z0Z1
 yes  ECOdrive 50L-M1M0Z  EC50L-M1M0Z1
 SOLOdrive  DALI-2  yes  SOLOdrive 50L-M1M0D  SL50L-M1M0D1
 0-10V  yes  SOLOdrive 50L-M1M0A  SL50L-M1M0A1
 LEDcode  -  SOLOdrive 50L-M1Z0Z  SL50L-M1Z0Z1
 yes  SOLOdrive 50L-M1M0Z  SL50L-M1M0Z1


The AUX of an enhanced driver yields significantly more power than the AUX of a legacy driver at similar output voltage and should, therefore, be more than adequate for most applications that currently rely on the AUX of the legacy driver. However, prior to switching over, those customers who operate the AUX of a legacy driver at or above 24V shall validate that the AUX of an enhanced driver is, indeed, adequate for their application.


eldoLED offers a subset of single-channel ECOdrive/SOLOdrive 565/568 /L drivers with a "boosted" AUX (up to ~40V; 18mA maximum) to support select nLight AIR applications. These legacy drivers with "boosted AUX" are obsoleted with the introduction of the enhanced 50W/L drivers.


The commercial part numbers for enhanced drivers are incremented relative to their legacy counterparts (e.g. EC0566L3 → EC0566L4) to ensure full traceability. Also, new commercial invoice (CI) codes are issued for enhanced drivers. A complete list of enhanced drivers, including their new commercial revision numbers, can be found in Table 1 of this change notification.



The enhanced drivers include both firmware and hardware upgrades to support a larger AUX operating window and a higher maximum AUX output power. Nevertheless, the enhanced drivers with UL Recognition (Type TL) are engineered to retain the same UL Tref and Trefmax temperatures as the corresponding legacy drivers per the original UL file. This means, in principle, that no UL re-certification of the luminaire is necessary if a legacy driver is replaced by an enhanced driver with the same current setting.


In addition to enhanced drivers with UL Recognition (Type TL), eldoLED now offers enhanced drivers with UL Class P listing. This LED driver certification level offers luminaire manufacturers a simplified and more flexible LED driver interchangeability scheme without the need for resubmittal of the luminaire to UL. If a luminaire does not presently use a Class P LED driver, a foundational Class P LED driver must first be added to its UL listing. This foundational LED driver evaluation may or may not require additional temperature testing.

The enhanced drivers are solely designed for use in North America, i.e. they do not carry any ENEC/EL certification. If ENEC/EL certification is required, customers shall order legacy drivers.


eldoLED lists its LED drivers by their official product names (i.e. family name, configuration, and form factor) with standards agencies. For example, a single channel ECOdrive 50W/L driver with a 0-10V control interface is listed as ECOdrive 566/L or ECOdrive 50L-M1M0A, depending on the UL certification that is applicable. The corresponding commercial part number (e.g. EC0566L3 or EC50L-M1M0A1) is used for traceability purposes only. Those customers who (inadvertently) listed an eldoLED LED driver with its commercial part number instead of its full product name in their luminaire file may need to update their certification documentation to avoid non-compliance.


Effective date(s)

This notice signifies the beginning of the transition from legacy to enhanced drivers as well as the end-of-maintenance for all legacy drivers listed in Table 2. Enhanced drivers are available for ordering as per the effective date on this notice. The completion of the transition period and the last-time-buy date for legacy drivers will be communicated in a later stage. Lead times for legacy drivers are no longer guaranteed and will depend on available inventory and production schedules.


eldoLED typically stocks drivers in its distribution centers to ensure short lead times to its customers. Therefore, customers who order eldoLED drivers by product name (e.g. ECOdrive 566/L) during the transition period may, at the discretion of eldoLED, receive either legacy or enhanced drivers. eldoLED will not mix legacy and enhanced drivers to fulfill orders.


Customers who need a specific certification level, feature set, or performance associated with either the legacy or enhanced driver are advised to explicitly call out the commercial part number for the driver in their purchase order (e.g. EC0566L3 or EC0566L4, respectively, for the legacy or enhanced 50W/L 0-10V drivers with UL Recognition). eldoLED driver CI codes are, by design, tied to a specific commercial part number. Thus, a legacy driver and an enhanced driver with the same programming settings (e.g. drive current, dimming curve, minimum dimming level) will each have a unique CI code.


For more information on how to identify the commercial revision number and production date of an eldoLED driver, see


Affected Products

Table 2 lists all the legacy single channel 50W/L drivers with UL Recognition (Type TL) and their enhanced 50W/L counterparts with UL Recognition (Type TL).


Table 2: Mapping between legacy and enhanced drivers with UL Recognition (Type TL).

Family  Product Name  Legacy P/N  New P/N
 ECOdrive  ECOdrive 565/L  EC0565L2 & EC0565L3  EC0565L4 ①
 ECOdrive 566/L  EC0566L2 & EC0566L3  EC0566L4
 ECOdrive 567/L  -   EC0567L4 ②
 ECOdrive 568/L  EC0568L2 & EC0568L3  EC0568L4 ③
 SOLOdrive  SOLOdrive 565/L  SL0565L2 & SL0565L3  SL0565L4 ①
 SOLOdrive 566/L  SL0566L2 & SL0566L3  SL0566L4
 SOLOdrive 567/L  -  SL0567L4 ②
 SOLOdrive 568/L  SL0568L2 & SL0568L3  SL0568L4 ③

① Specify VAUX = 16V and AUX to be "ON" during standby if used in combination with nLight AIR radio
    (e.g. rES7, rIO).

② Select if no AUX is required.
③ Select if AUX is required; specify desired AUX voltage and whether AUX shall remain on during standby or not.


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