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Upgrade DUALdrive 100W 2-channel DALI drivers

DL1065M1 and DL1065S1

Change description

eldoLED's 100W DUALdrive DALI 2-channel drivers have been updated with certification for DALI-2 by DiiA. They will include the official DALI-2 logo, starting December 2019.


This product update will be effectuated via a running change by date of manufacture:

- on box label: packing dates from December 22nd, 2019 onwards.

- on product label: from December 12th, 2019 onwards.


Upgrade DUALdrive 100W 2-channel DALI drivers


What are the benefits for the OEM customer?

Products have been tested and certified in accordance with the IEC 62386 DALI-2 standard.   


Certification information

  • The new products have the same model designations, i.e. "DUALdrive 1065/S" and "DUALdrive 1065/M", as shown on the product labels.
  • Additional testing has been executed and reporting has been submitted to DiiA. DiiA has granted DALI-2 certification, allowing these products to carry the DALI-2 mark.
  • These products are functionally identical to their predecessors, using same hardware and firmware.


Logistics and order processing

eldoLED part numbers effected by this running change:


Model Designator
New part number*
  Base CI-code   Description

DUALdrive 1065/S






DL1065S2 350MA LOG

DUALdrive 1065/M   DL1065M2   *252CGY   DL1065M2 350MA LOG


 * With the introduction of the new product version, the old part numbers (DL1065S1, DL1065M1) will not be available anymore.


For latest information and documentation, visit the eldoLED website:

DUALdrive 1065/S product page

DUALdrive 1065/M product page


If you have any questions, or need any further assistance, please contact your eldoLED Sales Representative.


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