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SOLOdrive 565/566 /S/A discontinuation

Starting Q3 2018

Over the course of the third and fourth quarter of 2018, eldoLED will discontinue production of the SOLOdrive 565/566 /S and /A drivers. Additional details on the impact of this product discontinuation, as well as recommended substitute drivers, are outlined below.


You may download a PDF document with the Product Change Notification here.



Discontinued drivers

Discontinued Model      Discontinued Part Number 
SOLOdrive 565/S   SL0565S1
SOLOdrive 566/S   SL0566S1
SOLOdrive 565/A   SL0565A1
SOLOdrive 566/A   SL0566A1




Effective date(s)

This notice serves as the formal end-of-life notification for the drivers noted above. The last-time-buy date for these drivers is November 9, 2018.  Any orders placed after the last-time-buy date will only be accepted based on remaining inventory.



Impact to customers

eldoLED offers several drivers to substitute the discontinued drivers detailed in this notice.  The following section details substitute driver information.


The discontinued drivers feature an auxiliary power output that was designed to support the SynJet® LED Cooling Device.  As LED technology has improved, this device has become obsolete.  Consequently, eldoLED does not offer a direct substitute driver with the auxiliary output feature.  However, if your application does not require the auxiliary output, please see the table below for substitute driver information.


Discontinued Model   Discontinued P/N    Substitute Model    Substitute P/N
SOLOdrive 565/S   SL0565S1   SOLOdrive 563/S   SL0563S3
SOLOdrive 566/S   SL0566S1   SOLOdrive 564/S   SL0564S3
SOLOdrive 565/A   SL0565A1   SOLOdrive 563/A   SL0563A4
SOLOdrive 566/A   SL0566A1   SOLOdrive 561/A   SL0561A4




Certification information

  • All recommended substitute drivers are in UL file E333135
  • The transition to the substitute drivers requires UL recertification at the luminaire level.  The manufacturer of the end-use application luminaire must make the final decision / judgment on what additional testing is necessary.


If you have any questions, or need any further assistance, please contact your eldoLED Sales Representative. 


Best regards,


The eldoLED Product Team



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