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DUALdrive platform selected for Lux Awards 2019 shortlist

Enabling Technology of the Year

DUALdrive platform selected for Lux Awards 2019 shortlist


The broadest, smartest LED driver platform for dynamic white lighting

LightShape technology embedded in DUALdrive drivers allows you to set optimization goals (e.g. a colour temperature range), calculate dimming profiles for intensity, colour temperature, and drive current. After setting the parameters, LightShape takes care of the execution.




Making the most of DALI DT8 and DT6 with DUALdrive and LightShape

You can set specific colour temperature and colour intensity values with DT8, and unlike standard drivers, DUALdrive can provide intuitive light output regulation. It's managed by LightShape and offers smooth and gradual changes in colour temperature and intensity. And with LightShape and DT6, setting a specific colour and controlling light intensity is quite simple and it provides light output response without any irregularities.



Today’s applications require maximum interoperability

DUALdrive delivers consistent performance across multiple luminaires, applications, and manufacturers in a single space. With a wide range of form factors and power ratings for global mains voltages plus control interfaces (0-10V, DALI-2, LEDcode and BLE) and DT6 and DT8 support, DUALdrive is a powerful open platform that can be used with virtually all LED modules and controls.


To learn more about DUALdrive

For more information about DUALdrive, visit our DUALdrive product page.


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