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Factory label change

Changed factory label, as of Q1 2017

The factory labels on eldoLED LED drivers now include more relevant product details, including LightShape-related parameters, if applicable to your driver. The section below outlines the various parts of the label and their meaning.


How to read the factory label

Please refer to the diagram below for more information on the factory label.



  • Date code (mmddyy): the manufacturing date code identifies when the product was produced. Written as month-day-year, with 2 digits each.
  • DBIN/Serial number: sequence number, consisting of 4 digits and 1 letter.
  • Manufacturing site: indicates the manufacturing location at which the LED driver was produced.
  • CI code: randomly generated unique product code, which matches the product description
  • 2D barcode: encodes the following data fields into a single string:
    {CI Code}{Date Code}{DBIN / Serial Number}{Manufacturing Site}
  • Product Description: unique product description with specific configurations called out
  • Assembly Part Number (for internal use only): LED driver's assembly part number




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