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20W /A /M specification change

Extended LED output voltage range and operating window

The 20W ECOdrive and SOLOdrive /A and /M, whose LED output voltage range has previously been 10V to 40V, can now be used within a bigger operating window, as the voltage output range has been extended to 2V to 40V.


Products of these types that you have previously purchased can also be used with this extended LED voltage output range.


Please visit the appropriate product web pages to download the updated product documentation:


SOLOdrive 240/A SOLOdrive 241/A SOLOdrive 247/A
SOLOdrive 240/M SOLOdrive 241/M SOLOdrive 247/M
ECOdrive 240/A ECOdrive 241/A ECOdrive 247/A
ECOdrive 240/M ECOdrive 241/M ECOdrive 247/M



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