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Upgrade 50W DUALdrive 0-10V 2-Channel

DUALdrive 561/S (DL0561S1)

Change Description

eldoLED is updating the 50W DUALdrive 0-10V 2-channel product with certification for the European Economic Area (EEA) using "CE Mark".

This product update will be effectuated via a running change by date of manufacture:

  • On box label: packing dates from August 23rd, 2019 onwards.
  • On product label: from "082219" (means August 22nd, 2019) onwards.

Additional details on the impact of this product update are outlined below.


Certifications change

Next to the UL recognized component mark for North America, additional certification for European Economic Area using the "CE mark". In Figure 1 the additional "CE" mark is shown on the new product label (picture at the right hand side)




   Legacy product label ("UL Class P" mark only):                       New product label (new "CE" mark added): 






What are the benefits for the OEM customer?

Products have been tested in accordance with the Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) and electrical safety regulations for the European Economic Area.


Certification information

  • The new product has the same model designation, i.e. "DUALdrive 561/S", as on the product label.
  • Additional testing required when the end-use application luminaire will be installed in the European Economic Area, for compliance with EMC (EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-4, EN 61547) and electrical safety (EN 61347-1, EN 61347-2-13) standards, as covered under the CE Directives.
  • The manufacturer of the end-use application luminaire has to make the final decision and judgment.


Logistics and order processing

  • New product has same part number and CI-codes.
  • There will be no mixed shipments on the same purchase order.
  • European customers will be only supplied with products carrying CE mark from Eindhoven distribution center from September, 2019 onwards.


Affected Products

Model Designator     Current part number* Base CI-Code Description
DUALdrive 561/S DL0561S1 *263ECG DL0561S1_CE 350MA TWH LOG 30-50K 10-10LM

* With the introduction of the new product version, the current part number will not change.



For latest information and documentation, visit the DUALdrive 561/S product page


If you have any questions, or need any further assistance, please contact your eldoLED Sales Representative.


Best regards,

The eldoLED Product Team


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