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eldoLED Product Notice: End-of-Life for PCB LED drivers and DMX Bridges


This document serves as the end-of-life notification for the following eldoLED product families:

The hardware and firmware of these products will no longer be updated to enable new features and/or address issues. Furthermore, all hardware configurations within these product families will be phased out by the end of 2020.


Impact to customer

The eldoLED L, LM, and V Series PCB LED drivers as well as the DMX Bridges will be phased out. eldoLED does not have any alternative products that serve as direct replacement for the products being phased out. Customers should, therefore, assess their need to place a last-time buy order for these products in the coming months, based on future projected consumption and/or service needs of existing deployments.


Effective date

This notice is effective immediately. All relevant dates for phase-out of the affected products are listed below:


07/20/2020 End-of-Maintenance Hardware and/or firmware changes to improve the functionality of the affected products and/or address field issues will no longer be considered.
12/31/2020 Last-Time Buy Any last-time buy order for the affected products shall be submitted prior to this date.
12/31/2020 End-of-Life All affected products will be phased out and all corresponding product collateral will be removed from the eldoLED website.
Q1/CY2021 Last order delivery Fullfilment of last-time buy orders may spill into the first quarter of 2021, depending on when the last-time buy orders are placed.


Affected products

This notice applies to all PCB LED drivers and DMX Bridges listed in the tables at the end of this Product Notice.


This end-of-life notification applies to the L, LM, and V Series PCB LED drivers listed below:




This end-of-life notification applies to the DMX Bridges listed below:




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In case of questions or for further product support, please contact us:


North America

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Europe & Rest of World

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