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Classic and Evolution networks supported


In summer 2019, Casambi rolled out new firmware, called "Evolution", to a variety of control devices in the Casambi ecosystem, including the eldoLED BLE Casambi radio. For more details, see


eldoLED received several incident reports since this roll-out that functional eldoLED BLE radios, which were shipped with the Casambi "Classic" firmware, stopped working after an over-the-air (OTA) update in the field to the Casambi "Evolution" firmware. eldoLED, in collaboration with Casambi, identified the root cause and implemented a solution to support Casambi "Evolution" in new installations. The solution consists of:


  1. a change in the Casambi "Evolution" firmware for the eldoLED BLE radio
  2. firmware and/or hardware updates to the portfolio of eldoLED LED drivers with LEDcode2


LED drivers that are produced after the effective date of this Product Notice will support the eldoLED BLE radio with both Casambi "Classic" and Casambi "Evolution" firmware.



Classic and Evolution networks supported


Impact to customer

The OTA Casambi firmware update from "Classic" to "Evolution" results in loss of lighting control in a luminaire that is equipped with an eldoLED BLE Casambi radio. However, the Casambi "Evolution" firmware update is not rolled-out automatically across a Casambi lighting network. Instead, Casambi nodes must first be unpaired individually, then upgraded to Casambi "Evolution", and finally recommissioned into the new Casambi "Evolution" network. Consequently, the Casambi "Evolution" firmware has not been rolled out in most existing lighting installations with Casambi lighting control to avoid the effort of recommissioning the installations.


To prevent loss of lighting control, the OTA Casambi firmware update from "Classic" to "Evolution" should only be performed if these conditions are met:


  1. the luminaire is equipped with an eldoLED BLE Casambi radio
  2. the luminaire is powered by an eldoLED LED driver that is listed in the tables with approved LED drivers at the end of this Product Notice
  3. the eldoLED LED driver was produced after the effective date of this Product Notice


The production date of an eldoLED LED driver is printed on the CI code label that is affixed to each driver. For more details, see


Contact your eldoLED Sales representative if one or more luminaires in your installation do not meet the requirements above. Depending on the type and vintage of the eldoLED LED driver in the luminaire, a new LED driver with the proper firmware and hardware may be required prior to upgrading the eldoLED BLE radio from Casambi "Classic" to Casambi "Evolution".



Effective date

This Product Notice takes effect on May 14 and applies to all the eldoLED LED drivers listed at the end of this Product Notice. LED drivers that are produced after this date include the latest LEDcode2 firmware and hardware to communicate with and power an eldoLED BLE radio with either the Casambi "Classic" or Casambi "Evolution" firmware.




The LED driver certification for the drivers listed in this Product Notice is not impacted by this change.



Affected products

This notice applies to luminaires that include any one of these eldoLED BLE Casambi radios:







LEDcode BLE radio, Casambi-

LEDcode BLE radio, Casambi, with remote antenna
LEDcode BLE radio, Casambi, through-hole


Click here for the Product Notice including all the eldoLED driver configurations that support the Casambi "Classic" and Casambi "Evolution" firmware after the effective date of this Product Notice.


In case of questions or for further product support, please contact us:


North America

+1 877-eldoLED (+ 1 877-353-6533)

Europe & Rest of World

+31-40-782 0400


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