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2018 performance and feature set upgrade

ECOdrive, SOLOdrive and DUALdrive

Change description

eldoLED is rolling out its 2018 upgrade over a broad set of LED drivers. The 2018 upgrade further improves performance consistency between, and expands the feature set of its drivers. The main improvements of the 2018 upgrade include:


  1. Programming of drive current in 1mA increments (instead of 25mA) for ECOdrive drivers.
  2. DALI drivers support the new DALI-2 (Device Type 6) standard. Most DALI drivers have already been independently verified by the Digital Illumination Interface Alliance (DiiA) to comply with the relevant parts of the DALI-2 standard. For a few dual channel DALI drivers, DiiA certification is still pending.
  3. Customers can order most 0-10V and LEDcode drivers to be programmed with a faster start-up time to comply with several North American standards (e.g. ENERGY STAR® and CA Title 24). For more details, see the white paper "Start time requirements for LED luminaires" on the eldoLED website.
  4. DALI and LEDcode-only LED drivers will support the latest LEDcode2 communication protocol, which enables location-based IoT applications and wired and wireless lighting control through select LEDcode peripheral devices.
  5. Support for eldoLED visible light communication (VLC) v1.5 (Supported in North America Atrius™ installations as required).


In the remainder of this notification, current production drivers will be referred to as "legacy" drivers while drivers with the 2018 update will be referred to as "enhanced" drivers.


eldoLED has also released an update to its FluxTool programming software. FluxTool version 3.2.6 has been made available on the FluxTool download page. eldoLED always recommends using the latest version of FluxTool to have access to all features and ensure optimal interoperability between LED drivers and programming software.


To download a PDF document with the Product Change Notification or an Excel file with an overview of the new features by part number, click either of the respective links:



Impact to customers

The commercial part numbers for enhanced drivers are incremented relative to their legacy counterparts (e.g. EC0361B2 → EC0361B3) to ensure full traceability. Also, new commercial invoice (CI) codes are issued for enhanced drivers. A complete list of enhanced drivers, including their new commercial revision numbers, can be found in Tables 1 – 6 at the end of this change notification.


To ensure backward compatibility, enhanced 0-10V and LEDcode drivers ship, by default, with the same startup performance as legacy drivers. However, most enhanced 0-10V and LEDcode drivers can be ordered to meet the faster startup performance mandated by ENERGY STAR and CA Title 24. eldoLED has validated the consistency in dimming and start-up performance between legacy and enhanced drivers. However, in select applications and under certain operating conditions customers may experience slight performance variations. Therefore, eldoLED recommends that customers validate the performance of enhanced drivers prior to mixing these with legacy drivers in the same space.


The startup behaviour of legacy DALI drivers and enhanced DALI drivers is different. Legacy DALI drivers are designed to generate first light within 0.6s and fade to full power within, typically, 1.1s. Enhanced DALI drivers, as specified in the DALI-2 standard and verified as part of DiiA certification, apply full power to the LED load after 0.6s. Also, the acceptance criteria for the fade down performance have been defined more specifically in DALI-2. Consequently, the fade down command, under certain circumstances, may yield slightly different dimming performance between legacy and enhanced DALI drivers. Therefore, it is not advised to mix legacy DALI and enhanced DALI drivers in the same space.


The label on the driver includes either the DALI or DALI-2 logo (see pictures below) to identify which DALI standard is supported. All drivers that carry the DALI-2 logo are certified by DiiA to comply with IEC 62386-101 Edition 2.0, IEC 62386-102 Edition 2.0, and IEC 62386-207 Edition 1.0 (Device Type 6).



All enhanced DUALdrive DALI drivers support LightShape, Tunable White. In applications that require control of both color temperature and intensity via the nLight® network, an enhanced DUALdrive DALI driver with LightShape must be connected, via LEDcode, to a digital nIO EZDL CCT device with at least firmware version F386A-002Z-029 nIO-LEDCODE-CCT-n100-5242. Using a digital nIO EZDL CCT with an older firmware version may result in the light engine not turning on. The new firmware for digital nIO EZDL CCT will be released in the middle of August 2018 and will be backwards compatible with legacy DUALdrive DALI drivers with LightShape.



The 2018 upgrade consists of firmware upgrades and, in select cases, also hardware upgrades to support the faster start-up performance. Nevertheless, enhanced drivers remain covered by the same certification files as the corresponding legacy drivers. This means, in principle, that no re-certification of the luminaire is necessary if those legacy drivers are replaced by enhanced drivers with the same form factor, power rating, and current settings.


eldoLED lists its LED drivers by their official product names (i.e. family name, configuration, and form factor) with standards agencies (e.g. UL and ENEC). For example, an ECOdrive 30W driver with a /B form factor and a 0-10V control interface is listed as ECOdrive 361/B. The corresponding commercial part number (EC0361B2) is used for traceability purposes only. Those customers who (inadvertently) listed an eldoLED LED driver with its commercial part number instead of its full product name in their luminaire file may need to update their certification documentation to avoid non-compliance.


Effective date(s)

This notice signifies the beginning of the transition from legacy to enhanced drivers as well as the end-of-maintenance for all legacy drivers listed in Tables 1 – 6. Enhanced drivers are available for ordering as of the date of this notice. The completion of the transition period and the last-time-buy date for legacy drivers will be communicated in a later stage. Lead times for legacy drivers are no longer guaranteed and will depend on available inventory and production schedules.


eldoLED typically stocks drivers in its distribution centers to ensure short lead times to its customers. Therefore, customers who order eldoLED drivers by product name (e.g. ECOdrive 361/B) during the transition period may, at the discretion of eldoLED, receive either legacy or enhanced drivers. eldoLED will not mix legacy and enhanced drivers to fulfill orders.


Customers who need a specific feature set or performance associated with either the legacy or enhanced driver are advised to explicitly call out the commercial part number for the driver in their purchase order (e.g. EC0361B2 or EC0361B3, respectively, for the legacy or enhanced 30W/B 0-10V driver). eldoLED driver CI codes are, by design, tied to a specific commercial part number. Thus, a legacy driver and an enhanced driver with the same programming settings (e.g. drive current, dimming curve, minimum dimming level) will each have a unique CI code.


For more information on how to identify the commercial revision number and production date of an eldoLED driver, see


Affected products

Tables 1 – 6 list all the enhanced drivers with the 2018 update and their legacy counterparts.


Table 1: 10W/20W/30W /B and /S and 50W /B drivers

Form FactorPowerFamilyProduct NameLegacy P/NNew P/N
B 10W ECOdrive ECOdrive 160/B EC0160B1 EC0160B3
ECOdrive 161/B EC0161B1 EC0161B3
SOLOdrive SOLOdrive 160/B SL0160B1 SL0160B3
SOLOdrive 161/B SL0161B1 SL0161B3
20W ECOdrive ECOdrive 260/B EC0260B1 EC0260B2
ECOdrive 261/B EC0261B1 EC0261B2
SOLOdrive SOLOdrive 260/B SL0260B1 SL0260B2
SOLOdrive 261/B SL0261B1 SL0261B2
30W ECOdrive ECOdrive 360/B EC0360B2 EC0360B3
ECOdrive 361/B EC0361B2 EC0361B3
SOLOdrive SOLOdrive 360/B SL0360B2 SL0360B3
SOLOdrive 361/B SL0361B2 SL0361B3
50W ECOdrive ECOdrive 560/B EC0560B2 EC0560B3
ECOdrive 561/B EC0561B2 EC0561B3
SOLOdrive SOLOdrive 563/B SL0563B2 SL0563B3
SOLOdrive 564/B SL0564B2 SL0564B3
S 10W ECOdrive ECOdrive 160/S EC0160S1 EC0160S3
ECOdrive 161/S EC0161S1 EC0161S3
SOLOdrive SOLOdrive 160/S SL0160S1 SL0160S3
SOLOdrive 161/S SL0161S1 SL0161S3
20W ECOdrive ECOdrive 260/S EC0260S1 EC0260S2
ECOdrive 261/S EC0261S1 EC0261S2
SOLOdrive SOLOdrive 260/S SL0260S1 SL0260S2
SOLOdrive 261/S SL0261S1 SL0261S2
30W ECOdrive ECOdrive 360/S EC0360S2 EC0360S3
ECOdrive 361/S EC0361S2 EC0361S3
SOLOdrive SOLOdrive 360/S SL0360S2 SL0360S3
SOLOdrive 361/S SL0361S2 SL0361S3


Table 2: 50W /S and /A drivers

Form FactorPowerFamilyProduct NameLegacy P/NNew P/N
S 50W ECOdrive ECOdrive 560/S EC0560S2 EC0560S3
ECOdrive 561/S EC0561S2 EC0561S3
SOLOdrive SOLOdrive 563/S SL0563S2 SL0563S3
SOLOdrive 564/S SL0564S2 SL0564S3
A 50W ECOdrive ECOdrive 560/A EC0560A3 EC0560A4
ECOdrive 561/A EC0561A3 EC0561A4
SOLOdrive SOLOdrive 560/A SL0560A2 SL0560A3
SOLOdrive 561/A SL0561A3 SL0561A4
DUALdrive DUALdrive 560/A DL0560A2 DL0560A3


Table 3: 30W and 50W /L drivers

Form FactorPowerFamilyProduct NameLegacy P/NNew P/N
L 30W ECOdrive ECOdrive 365/L EC0365L2 EC0365L3
ECOdrive 366/L EC0366L2 EC0366L3
ECOdrive 368/L EC0368L2 EC0368L3
SOLOdrive SOLOdrive 365/L SL0365L2 SL0365L3
SOLOdrive 366/L SL0366L2 SL0366L3
SOLOdrive 368/L SL0368L2 SL0368L3
50W ECOdrive ECOdrive 565/L EC0565L2 EC0565L3
ECOdrive 566/L EC0566L2 EC0566L3
ECOdrive 568/L EC0568L2 EC0568L3
SOLOdrive SOLOdrive 565/L SL0565L2 SL0565L3
SOLOdrive 566/L SL0566L2 SL0566L3
SOLOdrive 568/L SL0568L2 SL0568L3
SOLOdrive 560/L SL0560L1 SL0560L3
SOLOdrive 561/L SL0561L1 SL0561L3
DUALdrive DUALdrive 560/L DL0560L1 DL0560L3


Table 4: 20W/30W/50W /U drivers

Form FactorPowerFamilyProduct NameLegacy P/NNew P/N
U 20W ECOdrive ECOdrive 265/U EC0265U1 EC0265U2
ECOdrive 266/U EC0266U1 EC0266U2
ECOdrive 268/U EC0268U1 EC0268U2
SOLOdrive SOLOdrive 265/U SL0265U1 SL0265U2
SOLOdrive 266/U SL0266U1 SL0266U2
SOLOdrive 268/U SL0268U1 SL0268U2
SOLOdrive 260/U SL0260U1 SL0260U2
SOLOdrive 261/U - SL0261U1
DUALdrive DUALdrive 260/U DL0260U1 DL0260U2
30W ECOdrive ECOdrive 365/U EC0365U1 EC0365U2
ECOdrive 366/U EC0366U1 EC0366U2
ECOdrive 368/U EC0368U1 EC0368U2
SOLOdrive SOLOdrive 365/U SL0365U1 SL0365U2
SOLOdrive 366/U SL0366U1 SL0366U2
SOLOdrive 368/U SL0368U1 SL0368U2
SOLOdrive 360/U SL0360U1 SL0360U2
SOLOdrive 361/U - SL0361U1
DUALdrive DUALdrive 360/U DL0360U1 DL0360U2
50W ECOdrive ECOdrive 565/U EC0565U1 EC0565U2
ECOdrive 566/U EC0566U1 EC0566U2
ECOdrive 568/U EC0568U1 EC0568U2
SOLOdrive SOLOdrive 565/U SL0565U1 SL0565U2
SOLOdrive 566/U SL0566U1 SL0566U2
SOLOdrive 568/U SL0568U1 SL0568U2
SOLOdrive 560/U SL0560U2 SL0560U3
SOLOdrive 561/U SL0561U2 SL0561U3
DUALdrive DUALdrive 560/U DL0560U1 DL0560U2


Table 5: 20W /A and /M, and 30W /A drivers

Form FactorPowerFamilyProduct NameLegacy P/NNew P/N
A 20W ECOdrive ECOdrive 240/A EC0240A1 EC0240A2
ECOdrive 241/A EC0241A1 EC0241A2
ECOdrive 247/A EC0247A1 EC0247A2
SOLOdrive SOLOdrive 240/A SL0240A1 SL0240A2
SOLOdrive 241/A SL0241A1 SL0241A2
SOLOdrive 247/A SL0247A1 SL0247A2
30W ECOdrive ECOdrive 360/A EC0360A4 EC0360A5
ECOdrive 361/A EC0361A4 EC0361A5
ECOdrive 367/A - EC0367A5
SOLOdrive SOLOdrive 360/A SL0360A4 SL0360A5
SOLOdrive 361/A SL0361A4 SL0361A5
SOLOdrive 367/A - SL0367A5
M 20W ECOdrive ECOdrive 240/M EC0240M1 EC0240M2
ECOdrive 241/M EC0241M1 EC0241M2
ECOdrive 247/M EC0247M1 EC0247M2
SOLOdrive SOLOdrive 240/M SL0240M1 SL0240M2
SOLOdrive 241/M SL0241M1 SL0241M2
SOLOdrive 247/M SL0247M1 SL0247M2


Table 6: ECodrive 100W /M and /S drivers

Form FactorPowerFamilyProduct NameLegacy P/NNew P/N
M 100W ECOdrive ECOdrive 1065/M EC1065M1 EC1065M2
EC1065M1-CCC EC1065M3-CCC
EC1065M2-CCC EC1065M3-CCC
ECOdrive 1066/M EC1066M1 EC1066M2
EC1066M1-CCC EC1066M3-CCC
EC1066M2-CCC EC1066M3-CCC
ECOdrive 1068/M EC1068M1 EC1068M2
EC1068M1-CCC EC1068M2-CCC
S 100W ECOdrive ECOdrive 1065/S EC1065S1 EC1065S2
EC1065S1-CCC EC1065S3-CCC
EC1065S2-CCC EC1065S3-CCC
ECOdrive 1066/S EC1066S1 EC1066S2
EC1066S1-CCC EC1066S3-CCC
EC1066S2-CCC EC1066S3-CCC
ECOdrive 1068/S EC1068S1 EC1068S2
EC1068S1-CCC EC1068S2-CCC


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