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Product launch: 20W DALI and 0-10V

New 20W ECOdrive and SOLOdrive form factors

It is our pleasure to introduce the 20W ECOdrive and SOLOdrive in two new form factors that have been especially designed for the European market.
Keep on reading for more information on these products, changes to the factory label on eldoLED drivers, and lighting industry memberships.



20W ECOdrive and SOLOdrive

Meet the new 20W LED driver form factors, for standard and independent use. These ENEC certified ECOdrive and SOLOdrive have been specifically designed for downlight, spot and track applications where the forward voltage (Vf) of LED loads typically is 18 or 36V.

The 20W /A independent LED drivers with cable retention are perfect for downlight applications in Europe where the LED driver needs to fit through a 50mm diameter hole in the ceiling into a plenum with a 110mm height between functional and decorative ceiling.

The 20W /M drivers do not include a strain relief, resulting in a shorter overall product for use in track and spot applications. The driver can be mounted and wired inside a driver box of the track or spot.


For further product details, please refer to the individual product web pages:

    DALI 0-10V
  /A strain relief ECOdrive 240/A ECOdrive 241/A
    SOLOdrive 240/A SOLOdrive 241/A
  /M no strain relief ECOdrive 240/M ECOdrive 241/M
    SOLOdrive 240/M SOLOdrive 241/M



Updated factory label on eldoLED drivers

The factory label on eldoLED drivers now includes more relevant product details, including LightShape-related parameters.

The Product Update Notification on the factory label holds a more detailed explanation of all items included on the label.


Lighting industry memberships

eldoLED is an ardent promotor of cooperation between all parties within the lighting industry to drive the lighting market to all it can be - within the lighting industry and beyond.

For more information on our lighting industry memberships, click here.






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