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Summer is in full swing,
                     but are you ready for fall?

With LightShape you and your lighting will be fully prepared.

With LightShape Dim to Warm or Tunable White you can reproduce and design the many dynamic colours daylight has to offer.

With Tunable White you are able to specify and reproduce nature's colours and transitions. Allowing you to recreate any time of the day the colour and quality of light that fits your mood and space. 

Dim to Warm turns white LED sources into warm colours as they are dimmed, creating a comfortable ambience.



LightShape makes all the difference

Lighting's daylight rhythm is known for changing and positively influencing our mood, concentration and activity levels. Use this to your benefit in education: when reading in a classroom students need a different light level and colour temperature, then when attending a class or concentrating on a test. 

With LightShape Tunable White you can better manage the effect lighting has on students' well-being. Simply shift between the scenes (General, Reading, Testing or Energy) on your wall control.

Commercial offices
Offices and meeting rooms with daylight offer a natural atmosphere and are much better places to work in. But how to recreate these benefits throughout the whole office building?

Tunable White offers the solution. Our LED drivers featuring LightShape Tunable White allow you to recreate the exact same dynamics in intensity and colour temperature as occur in natural daylight. All using standard controls (DALI and 0-10V) and your selection of LEDs.

Interested what LightShape can do for your location? Contact us.


Spectacular shows at Château de Versailles

Every Saturday night in summer, you can enjoy a 2,5 hours enchanting stroll in the magnificently illuminated gardens of Château de Versailles while the fountains are playing to the sound of music. As a grand finale you can enjoy a dazzling fireworks show.

The lighting in the park and access road to the palace and fountains is powered by our POWERdrive 562/S, based on the lighting design by Les Eclairagistes associés. The installation is executed by eldoLED's channel partner Soliled.

The shows are offered till mid-September. You can buy your entrance ticket online.


Discontinued: 50 Watt /M shape,
introducing 50 Watt U/ shape

We're updating our 50W SOLOdrive and DUALdrive /M-product families, resulting in the introduction of new /U-product families that support expanded features:

• Extended output current range to 150 - 1,400 mA
• Auxiliary output on all 1 and 2 LED output versions
• Improved start-up and restart performance
• Improved dimming characteristics, especially at lower output levels

As of July the website offers a complete overview of all discontinued products.


Application notes

Calculating the number of LEDs
Are you trying to figure out which LED driver fits your application best? When your line of work is not electrical engineering, that can be a pretty frustrating.

In our application not we explain how to select the right LED driver.


How to choose the right circuit breaker
You switch on your just installed LED lighting system, but nothing happens. You check the circuit breaker and to your surprise it is engaged. What to do?

The application note "How to choose the right circuit breaker" gives the answer.


October 12-14
Light Symposium, Wismar, Germany
November 23-24
LuxLive 2016, London, United Kingdom


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