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Programmable and Dim to Dark:

        driving digital control
                    and Quality of Light

Right from the inception of the very first SOLOdrive, now six years ago, our focus has always been on Quality of Light.

And that focus has resulted in smooth dimming of LEDs, all the way to dark, a better understanding of unwanted flicker and now in intuitive Tunable White control with LightShape.



Product Innovation Award for LightShape

We are proud that LightShape has been rewarded with a Product Innovation Award (PIA). The PIA honour the most innovative LED and solid-state luminaires and fixtures on the market and the components enabling these state-of-the-art LED lighting products.

For more information, read the full article.



New products

50 Watt /L shape, linear form factor

Introducing the full range of /L shape products: 30 x 26 mm cross section for ECOdrive, SOLOdrive and DUALdrive.

  • ECOdrive with single LED output and smooth dimming to 1%
  • SOLOdrive with Dim to Dark available in both single and 2 LED output versions
  • DUALdrive with LightShape enabling intuitive control for Tunable White

50 Watt /U shape, linear form factor

We're updating our slim (30 x 21 mm) form factors. SOLOdrive is now named /U shape, and adding ECOdrive. 

  • DUALdrive with LightShape enabling intuitive control for Tunable White
  • Dim to Dark and dim to 1%
  • Product versions supporting auxiliary output for in-fixture LEDcode accessories

Product update

50 Watt /S shape, square form factor

The updated /S shape products are now available, offering improved dimming performance and a wider output current range of 150 to 1,400mA. DUALdrive with LightShape enabling intuitive control for Tunable White.

Overview new and updated products

  0-10V DALI
  1 LED output 2 LED output 1 LED output 2 LED output
ECOdrive  566 /U
566 /L
  565 /U
565 /L
SOLOdrive 566 /U
566 /L
561 /L
561 /S
565 /U
565 /L
560 /U
560 /L
560 /S
DUALdrive       560 /U
560 /L
560 /S

All these products are also available in the eldoLED tablet app.


White paper

Over the past six months or so, flicker in LED lighting has been – and still is – in the spotlight. Visible and invisible flicker can affect our productivity, sense of well-being and in some cases even our health. Your choice of LED driver has a direct impact on the flicker performance of a luminaire. 

Read more: "Flicker performance in LED lighting".


October 12-14
Light Symposium, Wismar, Germany
November 23-24
LuxLive 2016, London, United Kingdom

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